Data Process

Luz's unique data gathering and processing allow for the monitoring of thousands of Ecommerce websites. We track every product, every day.

Data Acquisition


Website Monitoring

Luz utilizes website tracking and machine-learning algorithms to gather key data points from thousands of Ecommerce websites. We only operate in the public domain.


Accuracy vs. Coverage

Luz is an accuracy company. If an Ecommerce website doesn't meet our reliability standards, we don't track it.


Website Selection

Luz selects websites to monitor based on popularity (highest Alexa ranking) and customer requests. We are currently scaling to the top 150,000 websites.


Data Points

From daily product sales volume to price changes to updated descriptions, Luz tracks the data points you need to maximize insights.

Data Transformation

Raw Data

Access the data before any processing has taken place. This solution can be the best for studying outliers or feeding unsupervised models.

Processed Data

Ecommerce data is our specialty. Save yourself time by accessing the data immediately after it has been cleaned and processed through our proprietary machine-learning algorithms.

Data Delivery

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Full integration into your system

(s3 or API)

AWS Quicksight BI

CSVs sent directly to your team


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